Ever wondered about the adverts that run along the top/down the right hand side of a Google Search page? And did you know it can be used by anyone to advertise online?

Welcome to Google Adwords. So this is how it works: when you enter your search criteria into Google, adverts related to your search appear down the right hand side of the page.

The beauty of Adwords is how easy it is. Simply create an account by registering your email address and then you are ready to produce your first advert. As an advertiser you have complete control over how it looks and what it says. Offering an array of features, Adwords makes reaching your target audience trouble-free, for example it gives you control over where your advert appears, on what sites and in what countries. You are then required to create “keywords” for your advert – when these words are searched on Google they trigger your ad. Finally you have to set up a billing system and thankfully Google allows you to set a maximum spend. The best news is that you are only billed when someone clicks on your ad and not on how often it appears.

Now Google has created Adwords in a video format which works in exactly the same way. This advertising features most prominently on Youtube, as adverts are played before, after and during videos.  YouTube is full of music videos and random animal clips, however it is also full of how-to videos which can be used to explain products in the same way it teaches people how to do their make-up or make cocktails. Plus with over 800 million visitors worldwide every month, YouTube allows companies to advertise to the vastest audience. Viewers are offered the chance to “skip” the advert therefore the first 5seconds of your ad is the most important. This may seem like a negative however from a business perspective your advert will be watched in full by those who are actually interested in your product. This means YouTube viewers are able to see the ads that appeal to them and you are only charged when viewers choose to watch.

Furthermore it is a much more exciting and appealing way to advertise. Viewers are able to get the gist of your product in under 30seconds instead of having to read screeds of information which, let’s face it, is off putting.  Adwords for video also allows advertisers to tell their business stories in a more personal way. Video allows you to be seen and heard by your customers making your video unique to you and your business. It also allows audiences the chance to contact you directly with questions or purchases. This personal touch is attractive to customers and the individuality of your video can set you apart from other advertisers.

YouTube is also an easy way to track the success of your videos with view counters and subscription updates. You can create your own channel and upload as many videos and as often as you like. Google then promotes these videos further by playing them elsewhere online or placing them at the top of search criteria for viewers on YouTube. Google couldn’t have made it any easier by setting up an extensive support system for advertisers. There are numerous how-to guides, tips and even an online community where you can ask any questions you have.

There have been a number of Adwords success stories including mouthwash Listerene, who enlisted video advertising to promote their brand and make their viewers laugh, or the History Channel whose teaser video reached over 800 thousand views in just ten days.

With so many competing businesses out there you need to be different. Adwords for video offers that opportunity.