Vlogging – Is It Right For Your Business?

Vlogs, vlogs, vlogs. Everyone is talking about vlogs. I mean, they can be a great marketing tool, but is vlogging right for your business? To help you find out, here’s a blog about vlogs. (I wonder if there’s a limit … Continued

Is 4K video necessary for video marketing?

Should you consider 4K video marketing for your content?   4K video is now well and truly here. 4K capable televisions are becoming increasingly affordable, many consumer cameras and pretty much all recent smartphones are capable of recording 4K. Netflix, … Continued

Cost-Effective Video Marketing Alternatives

Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Live Video   So, let’s be realistic. Unless you’re a large multinational company with hundreds of employees and a marketing budget with so many 0s in it your eyes would water, you’re probably not going to … Continued

Is 360° video marketing worth it?

And if so, is it for you?   If you haven’t experienced 360° video marketing, or any type of 360°/VR content, then surely you’ll have heard about it. At the very least, you’ve seen the GIFs of the immersive level of 360°/VR … Continued

The Perfect Video Length.

Source Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like   Didn’t take long, did it? Indeed, at only 30 seconds long it’s no surprise that when first launched in 2010 this Old Spice advert became the fastest online … Continued

Google Adwords For Video

Ever wondered about the adverts that run along the top/down the right hand side of a Google Search page? And did you know it can be used by anyone to advertise online? Welcome to Google Adwords. So this is how … Continued