From the initial consultation through to delivery of the final video, read about the exciting journey every video production takes here at Sync or Swim Productions.


Consultation Session

Once you have contacted us, we will arrange your free consultation session.

At this session, you will meet your video producer who will discuss your vision or work with you to develop an entirely new concept. Whatʼs important at this stage is for us to understand what you want your video to achieve. To ascertain this, we will ask questions regarding target demographic, overall message and how you would like your video to be shared or distributed. Ultimately, itʼs also a great way to get to know each other!



Next, we go into pre-production.

This is where our producers work together, with the information gathered at the consultation session, and begin planning the production of your video.
Depending on the complexity of the production, this can range from basic scheduling and the generation of interview questions right through to scripting, storyboarding and sourcing actors. We will always keep you in the loop throughout pre-production and will send you all relevant materials during this stage for your approval.



Now comes the fun part!

Our skilled team will get to work with state-of-the-art filming equipment and capture the idea set out in the pre-production stage. Not only are we skilled at capturing beautiful images and sound, but at Sync or Swim we also pride ourselves on working safely and efficiently when on-site. In addition, we understand that for the uninitiated (staff/customers/public) being in front of camera can be an intimidating experience. Therefore our friendly team are supportive and understanding so that the footage we capture is the best it can possibly be.


Post Production

This is where it all comes together!

Using the latest editing software, we will bring everything together to meet the
vision we identified with you during the consultation session. This is also where the finishing touches get added, such as music, colour correction and also any voiceover or graphic work that may be required. Once we are happy with a draft version of your video, we will upload it online privately for your approval. Once you ready for delivery.



Getting your video to the masses!

Whether you need a simple digital copy, online distribution or 1000s of DVDs, Sync or Swim will meet your demands. With the prevalence of online video we include free YouTube optimisation and channel setup with all of our video packages. Since YouTube is the biggest global video platform in the world, the importance of having a well-optimised video and branded channel cannot be understated when getting your message out to the largest audience possible. The only thing we enjoy more than actually producing videos is showing them off to others!