Taking filming and photography to new heights…literally!

About the Service

Let’s face it, filming on the ground is like so 2013. These days, it’s all about taking to the skies (responsibly!) with state-of-the-art kit and capturing your business or event from a whole new perspective. With our complete AERIAL service, let our fully licenced and fully trained, Civil Aviation Authority approved pilot capture stunning 4K footage and pixel perfect photographs for your latest project.

Our fully-specced drone is ideal for showcasing a range of business types and services, including property, construction, engineering and tourism. Or if you’re just looking to add extra wow factor to your latest video project – go on, show off a bit! – this will make all the difference.

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We Take Care of Everything

And don’t worry, our production team take care of everything, from notifying air traffic control (if required) to undertaking full risk assessments on-site, giving you peace of mind and making sure your project gets attention for all the right reasons.

So if you’re done taxiing, seatbelts fastened and ready for takeoff (we’ve clearly got a fully qualified pun technician on staff, too), then contact Sync or Swim today for all your aerial filming and photography needs.

Fully Certified, Fully Insured Pilot

Our fully trained, insured and BNUCs licensed pilot will deliver breathtaking footage and photography using our state of the art unmanned aircraft and ultra HD camera.

AERIAL Inspiration

  • –  Highly manoeuvrable kit captures footage conventional filming and photography simply can’t
  • –  Cost effective: a great way of showcasing your project simply and effectively that doesn’t break the bank
  • –  Get creative: our team will gladly create a bespoke concept for your aerial film that will make it unforgettable
  • –  Standout from the crowd with attention-grabbing visuals; seriously, this stuff looks ridiculously good!

Sync or Swim Productions operates under the UK Civil Aviation Authorities “Permission for Aerial Work”

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