The best way to sell your business is to showcase your success stories

About This Video Package

Without a doubt, the number one salesperson for your business is your best customer. After all, they chose your product or service over everyone else’s. They’ve experienced your outstanding levels of service first-hand, and benefited from it directly. So why not show the world just how brilliant your business is and let your best customer do the talking for you?

Help new customers to understand exactly how you’ll work with them and how rewarding an experience that will be with our ASSURE video service. Perfect for taking the risk out of investing in you, these videos are all about reassuring clients and giving trust.

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Video That Works For You

We don’t just do the straightforward interview routine – though we can if that’s what you’re after! Instead, we like to tell the story of your client, exploring what led them to your door in the first place, their experience working with you, and showing the positive impact you’ve had on their business.

Pretty much the ultimate conversion tool in video marketing, our take on the testimonial really is a no-brainer! To turn potential buyers into loyal customers, contact Sync or Swim today.


Assure Video Facts:

  • –  Highest effectiveness rating of all content marketing, 89% (WebDAM)
  • –  Perfect for demonstrating the quality and value of your products
  • –  Client reviews create a 74% increase in product conversion (People Claim)
  • –  Testimonials show how much you value your client relationship
  • –  Ideal for answering FAQs and making your service easy to understand