Make your latest project or business innovation unmissable.

About This Video Package

Creating enough noise to get yourself, your products or services noticed online can be tricky. In such a heavily crowded environment, you need to be able to attract the attention of your target audience in an instant. What’s more, you need to find a way to keep their attention fixed on you, before encouraging them to take action in some way – to subscribe, sign up, pre-order or buy now.

The perfect solution? Our EXPLAIN video service.

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Telling The Right Story

Whether you’re looking to demonstrate a new product or service in action, or raise awareness for your latest project, you need attention-grabbing video that expertly explains everything your customers need to know. Essentially, EXPLAIN videos are all about how things work and what that means for your target audience – giving knowledge and value so they can buy your products, hire your service, or campaign for your worthy cause with total confidence.

Whatever you’re looking to achieve, we’ll work with you to identify and develop the best solution possible, creating the right video for your chosen audience and distribution channels.

Make understanding your business simple with video from Sync or Swim.


Explain Video Ideas:

  • –  How-to videos
  • –  Product demonstration
  • –  Project launch/recruitment
  • –  Training videos
  • –  Web tutorials