The Importance of Video Marketing


Everyone seems to be obsessed with social media, reading and writing blogs, documenting merchandise or personal journeys online. With such a large number of online businesses on the market, companies and bloggers are fighting for a place in the spotlight. Video marketing can provide the answer.

Shoppers often rely on mass reviews on social media, and social platforms have in turn developed ways to allow people easier access to preferred products and services. A case study revealed that as many as 87% of shoppers use social media to help them decide what to buy online.

Let’s consider eBay for a second. It is an immense online marketplace that keeps improving both for sellers and consumers. Its collaboration with Facebook means that you can easily find discounted eBay products from your Facebook mobile app.

Given the millions of daily users Facebook enjoys, this integration underlines the immense potential which social media holds. But for now, let’s see how businesses can gather more leads and improve conversion rates through means other than posts on social media; let’s examine how video marketing can integrate with these social networks to boost sales and conversion.

Small, as well as more prominent companies, use digital channels to promote their services and products. Since social media draws the attention of more and more businesses, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have become the main arena for online business.

The beautiful part of all this is that research indicates the high engagement rates which brief, entertaining and informative video marketing can guarantee. And since social networks are perfectly suited to short videos, live streams, brand films, and vlogging, business promotion can’t get much more entertaining.

Due to the magic ways videos influence people, video marketing is a great way to push your brand on the market and watch it gain popularity. It seems like there are so many YouTubers right now with so many tutorials, vlogs, and testimonials out there that people might even get bored!

Vat19 has 6.86 million followers on YouTube, and Netflix has about 4.69 million followers. People spending big money online are craving for engaging content that’ll keep them amused and informed. Thus, you need to try video marketing for your company.

First, you must determine who your audience is, their age and interests. Then invest time into managing social media platforms to attract leads and followers, who can quickly become a valuable community, which can provide direct feedback and indirect consumer metrics that can improve your products and services in unforeseeable ways.

Videos help in attracting new fans and learning more about the existing ones.

Videos are supposed to be appealing, informative and most importantly, easy to share. A satisfied consumer will react to your video, either by commenting or sharing it. Their social media friends can discover your label – and boom! – you have brand new followers.


Tricks and tips on how to properly distribute video marketing content

First things first, what you post is key. In contrast to the standard advertisement, video marketing doesn’t interrupt the viewer’s entertainment; it completes it. Make sure your videos are concise, helpful and a pleasure to watch.

A video is your best chance to tell your story; the viewers are going to be entranced and connect with the brand on a more personal level.

Don’t get carried away and incorporate all your ideas into one video. Be short and clear with what you want to convey. Use the first few seconds properly, grab the viewer’s attention and help them to understand you. Connect the video with your other content and weave it into your brand’s nature.

When you create a video, use it to add calls to action (CTA). Remind the viewer to take an action: subscribe, share or look at other videos. According to a recent study, CTAs placed in the middle of the video are the most effective.

You can start collaborating with influencers and niche bloggers. A recommendation from a popular blogger or other YouTuber can enhance the credibility of your product(s) and attract more potential clients.

Video marketing is a simple yet effective way to boost brand recognition, create a traffic wave and place you at the forefront of consumers’ thoughts.

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Guest Author – Josh Wardini from 16Best